Aluminum Blanking Company (ABCO) was established in 1979 as The Original Toll Processor of aluminum, stainless steel, and other surface-sensitive coiled material. Years of toll processing, engineering and operations expertise are built into the foundation of ABCO's team of associates. Through innovative processes, market knowledge, exceptional quality, customer service, and unmatched capabilities, ABCO has built an outstanding reputation in the industry as a true leader in surface sensitive materials processing.


With a strong knowledge of a wide range of industries, ABCO will understand your industry. At ABCO, new customers are never a test case.

Leadership Team

Marvin Hole, Founder & Board Chairman


Our Founder and Board Chairman, Marvin Hole, is one of the leading authorities on press room equipment and metals processing - having spent his career as a brilliant Engineer/Designer, Manufacturing Representative, Equipment Manufacturer, and Stamping/Blanking business owner.


A Pioneer in Light-Weighting Automotive Vehicles

Following the energy crises of the 1970’s the first established CAFE standards for MPG...

Laura Anderson, President & CEO


Laura Anderson, President and CEO of Aluminum Blanking Company, Inc., (ABCO) leads a 37 year old family owned business, which is recognized for its deep heritage as the first dedicated processor of aluminum sheet in North America.


Twenty-seven years ago, Laura first joined ABCO after years of leading aerospace engineering initiatives at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. In 2004, Laura left ABCO, after

serving as Vice President of Systems, Quality and Engineering. She then filled a...

Mike Millis, Quality Director


Mike Millis serves as the Quality Director at Aluminum Blanking Company, Inc. where he brings over 30 years of business, quality and manufacturing  experience.


As one of the founding members of the company, Mike has been instrumental in ensuring the company’s ongoing sustainability through overseeing quality and manufacturing certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001. Mike has also spearheaded more

than a dozen Kaizen events for Aluminum Blanking Company, which has resulted in...

Gary Lecznar, Director of Business Development


Gary Lecznar serves as the Director of Business Development at Aluminum Blanking Company, Inc.


Prior to ABCO, Gary was the Director of Business Development for Themo Vac, a metal fabrication and welding company based in Oxford, MI. providing support to the power, mining and armor industries. Gary has also held management, technical and sales roles at Yorozu

and Alcoa, where he assisted company locations in Mexico, Japan, Thailand and....

Chad Elliott, Operations Manager


Chad Elliott serves as the Operations Manager at Aluminum Blanking Company, Inc. where he is responsible for operational throughput, scheduling, plant supervision, material handling, pallet construction, custom packaging and scrap management for over 175,000 square feet of processing, warehousing and custom packaging space.


Chad has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing, automotive and commercial

industries. He has overseen the processing of over a billion lbs. (450,000MT) of...