What's New at ABCO

Additional Edge Trimming Capability Has Been Added At Aluminum Blanking Company


The installation of edge trimming on the second ABCO automotive line adds both edge trimming flexibility and capacity for our new and continuing automotive business.



ABCO Commissions Our Updated Automatic Stacker


Aluminum Blanking was the first company to install automatic stacking designed for surface sensitive aluminum applications 21 years ago. We have now improved on the design and speed of the equipment to further our continuing goal of being the company with whom our customers are excited to do business.



Aluminum Blanking Has Successfully Launched A Production Blanking Process For Thin Aluminum Coils


ABCO successfully launched a production blanking process for thin (0.6mm - 0.147") aluminum coils in the "O" temper condition. This process successfully satisfied our customer's requirements for high quality surface finish and flatness requirements on multiple products.



ABCO Continues To Follow The Policies, Plans And Procedures Developed In Response To The COVID Pandemic.


Our purpose and goal is to keep both our employees and customers safe during these challenging times and to support federal, state, and local guidelines. At the date of this report, our COVID occurrences have been very few, have originated from outside of the company and have not spread to other team members, visitors, or customers on site.



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